Blount Fine Foods
[1&2] You just can’t beat an authentic New England roadside clam shack. So when Blount decided to open a clam shack we couldn’t wait to dive in. Inspired by those nearly lost but not forgotten destinations, our designs for the Blount Clam Shack are a nod to the past and sure to endure into the future. It’s not just good — it’s clamtastic!

[3] Once upon a time, the Water Street Landing site was best known for whaling. And what do you think of when you thing about whales? Mermaids of course! Well, it makes sense to us and if you ask, we’ll be happy to explain it you. Aside from being a great design, the sign is masterfully hand-carved and hand-painted. It’s worth a trip to see it — and while your there visit the Clam Shack.
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